Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our Easter Bunnies!

When we let our dog Winston out this morning - he headed to the little tree by the house and was sniffing around something.  When Chris and Courtney went out to see what he was sniffing around they saw four baby bunnies!!!!  The are so darn cute!  We put a sled up to hopefully help block the wind.  We have had a group of rabbits in and out of our back yard all winter, they eat my bushes.. I don't like that, but love animals too much to do anything about it.  Now they had some babies....  and they are so darn cute... If I can just keep Sierra from picking them up and adopting them all, I will be lucky.  But we keep telling her that if they get our scent on them, then the mommy won't come back.  They are the cutest little things.  I hope momma comes back and keeps them warm and safe.  The challenges now are to keep Winston away from them... and from chasing momma away.  Harry is blind - so he won't see them to be able to chase them. 
We feel very fortunate to have our own Easter Bunnies right in our back yard!  I can feel the scrapbook pages forming! 

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  1. oh my goodness, these are so sweet....have a wonderful weekend!

    enjoy *~*