Saturday, February 6, 2010

Scrapping with my daughters

Good afternoon!   Where has the day gone?  I spent all morning getting ready for my workshop this Thursday night.  I created the two page layout, now all that's left to do is take the picture and post!  While working away, I suddenly realized that I had company.  First, my daughter Sierra was watching intently and asking questions like "Are you going to add these to the layout?"  "What is that for?"  Then when I finished and was pretty sure it was the way I wanted it to be, she reminded me that I had promised to do some coasters with her last weekend and we didn't get to it then, so could we do it now?  I realized then that my thoughts of creating cards from my Wishes or Original's book was a pipe dream today.  So I set her up with the coasters, the paper and had her start.  I created one that has pictures on it - of her and her sister, and she just wanted to decorate hers.. (The light isn't quite right now, so I will take pictures tomorrow when the light is better and post.)  I think we did a pretty good job.. for figuring it out as we went along.  Courtney, my oldest daughter, appeared when Sierra was tracing her coaster for about the 2nd time.  I tried to get her interested and make one too, but she wasn't liking the papers I offered her.  She liked them the way they were - if you can't tell, she is my child who doesn't appreciate change as much as the rest of us.  She did however decide that she was going to hang out with us.  That was nice!  The three of us, hanging out bonding over altered coasters.   All in all, I think we had a great afternoon, one that I'll treasure in the years to come.  Who knows... maybe they'll BOTH do the next thing with me.  At least Courtney stays in the room now when we do the crafty stuff... It's an improvement!  I'll be sure to post the pictures tomorrow!

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